Contest Rules

Entering a Contest
Users must submit and verify their answer for each question for each round, agree to the contest rules and verify the entrance fee deduction (if applicable) in order to enter a contest.

Each round will contain one statistical sports question. Each question will align to one or two professional sports game(s) and feature a player or players playing in the professional sports game(s). Some sample questions are below:

Round 1 – Los Angeles v. Cleveland – How many rushing yards will Todd Gurley have in the 1st quarter?

Round 2 – Los Angeles v. Cleveland – How many total yards will Duke Johnson Jr. have in the 1st half?

Round 3 – Indianapolis vs. New Orleans – How many passing yards will Jacoby Brisset and Drew Brees have through the first 3 quarters?

Round 4 – Indianapolis vs. New Orleans – How many receiving yards will Brandin Cooks have in the 4th quarter?

Tie Breaker Rounds 1-4 – Indianapolis vs. New Orleans – How many combined passing yards will Drew Brees and Andrew Luck have in the 1st quarter?

Editing Answers
Users are allowed to edit their contest answers for each round up until the start of the contest, which is equivalent to the start of the earliest applicable sports game. At the start of the contest, all questions for each round will be locked and users will no longer be able to edit them. If a user is in the process of editing his or her answers when a contest starts, the user's answers will revert back to the last submitted answers.

End of the Round
Once an outcome for a particular round has been finalized and users have advanced or been eliminated, the round is viewed as completed.

Winning a Round
Winners of each round are determined by whichever user’s answer is closer to the actual outcome in the professional sports game. “Closer” is determined by the numerical difference between the user’s answer and the actual outcome. Over and under rules do not apply. (See “Tie-breaker” rules for more details on ties).

Winning a Contest
The Winner of the contest shall be determined by which of the two users that advance to the final round provides an answer to the final round question that is closer to the actual outcome (see “Winning a Round”).

Final Standings
At the conclusion of a contest, all participating users will receive a final standing. If a user fails to advance to a round in which he or she receives a cash prize (i.e. a payout round), the user will receive a “DNP” (Did Not Place) label as his or her final standing. If a user advances to a payout round and then is eliminated before making it to the final two rounds of the contest , the user’s final standing will be the highest standing still available. For those contests where the quarterfinals or an even earlier round is nonetheless a payout round, all users eliminated in said round will receive the same cash prize. On the other hand, for those contests in which semifinalists receive a cash prize, 3rd and 4th place will be decided by the two users who are eliminated in the second to final round (i.e. the semifinals). The users that lose in the semifinal round will advance to a 3rd place matchup, which will take place during the final round and will use the same question as the 1st place matchup. Whichever of said users’ answer to the final question is closer to the actual outcome, will receive a final standing of 3rd place with the other user eliminated in the semifinals receiving 4th place.  1st and 2nd place will be determined by standard scoring in the final round of the contest (see “Winning a Contest”).

Unfilled Contests
All contests open to the public on the Sports Bracketeers’ Website or App have a predetermined prize pool and number of maximum entrants. Free contests (i.e. contests that do not require an entry fee) will be played as long as half of the number of maximum entrants register for the contest. For contests that require an entrance fee, if the contest fails to attract the minimum number of entrants before the start of the contest, the contest will not take place and the user's entrance fee will be refunded.

Bye Rules
For any contest that does not have the maximum number of entrants, some of the entrants will have byes in the first round. A “bye” is an event in which a particular user does not have an opponent in a given round and thus automatically advances to the next round. Users who receive a bye in the first round will be determined randomly.

Tie-Breaker Rules
In the event of a tie, the following rules will determine which user wins the round and advances:

Users will answer tie-breaker questions before the contest begins in the event that two users provide the same answer to a particular question or provide answers that are an equal distance from the actual outcome in a given round (e.g. if the users’ answers are 65 and 75 yards respectively and the actual outcome is 70 yards, each user’s answer would be five yards away from the actual outcome). The tie-breaker question will pertain to one of the professional sports games used in in that contest. The same tie-breaker question may apply to as many as four different rounds in a contest.

Tie-breaker questions will appear on the submit answer screen. Tie-breaker questions will pertain to the first part (quarter or period) of a professional sports game.  Depending on the contest, tie-breaker questions may be used to break ties in multiple rounds of the contest.

If two users tie in both the primary question for the round and the tie-breaker question, neither user will advance to the following round. If the current round is a payout round, users will split the corresponding payout.

Official Statistical Changes
Statistical changes in the professional sports game occurring after the applicable round has been completed will not reverse the outcome of the round.  For example, after the 1st quarter of an NFL game, Player X is listed as having 45 yards rushing. The contest outcome is listed as 45 yards, and users advance or are eliminated based on the proximity of their answer to 45. After the round is completed, the NFL makes a change in the official statistics, reducing Player X’s 1st quarter rushing total to 44 yards. This statistical change will not impact the contest as the round has already been finalized. Please see “Contest Statistics” under “Terms and Conditions” for more information on Sports Bracketeers’ policies on statistical outcomes and our partnership with third party vendors.

Postponed and Suspended Sporting Events
Sporting events or games that are postponed or suspended will result in the contest being cancelled and the users will be refunded their entry fee.

Traded Players
In the event that a player directly involved in a contest question is traded after the contest questions have been disclosed to actual and potential contest entrants, the contest will be canceled and the users will be refunded their entry fee.

Contest Cancellation
Sports Bracketeers also reserves the right to cancel a contest at our discretion without restrictions, even if a contest fills or meets the minimum required entrants. This may be done to preserve the integrity of the game in the event of service problems or technical issues. Any canceled contest will result in a full refund for any users who have already entered the contest.