How to Play Sports Bracketeers


Sports Bracketeers is a head-to-head bracket competition in which users answer a statistical sports question that correlates to part of a live professional sports game, such as a quarter, half or period. Each question is centered around the accumulation of an athlete’s stats during said portion of the live game. The user whose answer is closer to the actual outcome advances to the next round of the bracket. As users continue to advance, the remaining user field narrows until only two users and a final question remain. Users will receive the questions for each round of the bracket at least 24 hours before the applicable sports events, so that users can review historical statistics and employ sports analytics to predict the eventual outcome.

How it Works (Description of Gameplay)

Each contest relies on outcomes as determined by two or more professional sports games. Each round of the contest (set in a bracket style) is aligned to part of a professional sports game or event (quarter, period, inning, etc.)

Users select a contest from a “lobby” page. The lobby page lists each contest and the details of that contest, including contest start time, the professional sports games to which the questions pertain, number of rounds, number of current registered participants, maximum number of participants, entrance fee, and total pay-outs awarded. Users can click on a contest to view more details including the questions for each round.

Once a user selects a contest, the user will be brought to the “Answer Submission Page”. Users will be able to view each question for the entire contest and must answer each question. Answers must be in either a whole number or half number format. For example, 1 and 1.5 would be acceptable answers, while 1.2 would not be.

After the user inputs an answer for each question, the user will be required to click on a submit button. Users will then verify their answers, and must agree to the terms of the contest and acknowledge that the entrance fee will be deducted from their account.

The contest begins at such time as any of the sports games to which a question in the contest pertains has commenced. Once the contest begins, users will not be able to edit their answers for any of the rounds. Once the relevant part of the professional sports game ends (Example - end of the 2nd quarter of an NFL game), the data or statistical outcome from the game will be updated and finalized in the contest. The user can then view a web page to see if he or she advanced to the next round. After each round/part of the sports game, users either advance or are eliminated.

After the contest is over, the user or users who won money will receive credit to their account on the Website in the amount of their respective winnings. This will occur in a timely fashion with accuracy of payouts being the foremost priority.